Faster Array Sort [Take 3][updated 2]

Not so long I’ve new test results for sorting methods. Now I decided to get everything I can from Quick sort algorithm. I’ve searched for all fast implementations and try to reuse them for Flash. I’ve learnt that non-recursive method surely would be faster then recursive calls. So now we have several non-recursive implementations one of them run faster on PC another on Mac. Better check yourself and see what it faster for you.

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I’ve add some code optimization tips. And it looks like we got some speed improvements. Specially in Non recursive methods.

More optimization tips. Added FlashSort algorithm that became the fastest in my tests.

Here is my test results for PC and Mac sorting 100K length array:

———— PC ————

  • Qsort + Insertion Sort | 57 Ms.
  • 3 Way Qsort + Insertion | 52 Ms.
  • Non-recursive Qsort | 53 Ms.
  • Optimized Non-recursive Qsort | 36 Ms.
  • Non-recursive Qsort II | 43 Ms.
  • FlashSort | 29 Ms.
  • Built in Array Sort | 90 Ms.

———— Mac ————

  • Qsort + Insertion Sort | 49 Ms.
  • 3 Way Qsort + Insertion | 50 Ms.
  • Non-recursive Qsort | 49 Ms.
  • Optimized Non-recursive Qsort | 47 Ms.
  • Non-recursive Qsort II | 58 Ms.
  • FlashSort | 33 Ms.
  • Built in Array Sort | 85 Ms.

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@katopz If u need fast sort of 3D Vectors I would recommend to use 2 Vectors as I wrote before. One containing your projected vertices coordinates (I suppose u use Utils3D.projectVectors) and another Vector. containing indices to Z position of each vertice in projected Vector array. U can see how it works in my first post on Faster Array Sort. I was sorting indices vector acording to values form Vector with real Z positions.