FluidSolver 3D | first steps

FluidSolver in 3D

Well finally I got some time to finish Flash based demo application for the FluidSolver in 3D experiment project. This project is based on my previous fluid solver classes and heavily use Joa’s TDSI tool. This is my first try to implement this simulation if flash and decided to start from Alchemy based Memory usage approach. In plans to try Pixel Bender combined with Alchemy… All calculations made in Flash using ByteArray read/write with TDSI to handle data. Particle engine is based on dynamically growing/reducing LinkedList.
During building this demo I’ve lots of test versions, I’ve tried to use Processing to see the performance difference (you will find links to this screencasts later) also finally discovered the great power of GLSL in Java etc. Mostly because of my Processing results I decided to try Pixel Bender/Alchemy approach in near future. I truly belive it can be done faster in Flash.

Sources can be found in my Google repo at FluidSolver3D branch (be careful it is not well organized cause still in heavy development)

OK, here we have Flash demo application that supports different option changes via Right Click menu. You can choose live mode by selecting any local mp3 file to visualize or to switch to manual mode. There is also an option to turn on/off Sparkles on particles.

Fluids Solver in 3D demo application
See screencasted video on Akira Kiteshi – Pinball composition

Here is some Processing based demos:
Fluids 3D | Processing progress
Cube Fluids | fully GLSL based approach