FluidSolver [as3 port of MSAFluid]

Fluid Solver

Last weekends I saw fantastic fluids animations on vimeo by Mehmet Akten! He wrote his own fluid solver library for C++ and Processing. Sure I decided to adopt it to flash.
Of course Flash is not so fast as Processing and C++ but I gave it a try and after some painless optimizations I got working Fluid Solver class in pure AS3 without any pixel bender or alchemy. I know you would say that if we use alchemy it would run smoother and faster but it is always pain to rebuild/change smth in such versions…

You can launch preview application by clicking image above.
Note the performance iterating 10K particles combined with Fluid Solver!
(please note: you will need Flash 10 to view it)

I’ve posted sources to my google repo ;)

Also I’ve screencasted some clips during developing process:
Fluid Solver and Particle lines mix
Sound Driven RGB FluidSolver + Particles
Flash AS3 Fluid Solver test application