Viola-Jones object detection [updated]

Face detection example

Recently I was playing with face detection demos done using ported from OpenCV Marilena Lib by Ohtsuka Masakazu and optimized one by Mario Klingemann. I have an idea of using it with my ASSURF project but as far as ASSURF uses lots of CPU resources I cant merge it with Face detection. So I decided to revisit the implementation with more simple and fast solution. Taking into account the speed of Linked Lists and also using TDSI memory optimizer I was able to produce a lot more faster version. I also decided not to hardcode haar cascades XML files into the lib but allow to load it. Currently library supports simple Stump based cascades and Tree based. I wouldn’t recommend using Tree based cascades cause they are significantly slower. This is because we have to use recursion while analyzing image with Tree based cascades.

Update: Added Canny Edge Detector to skip low edged areas of image that result in some nice performance boost. (this will be added to repository soon)

You will find some usage info at wiki page
Download Library SWC
Try demo application (recognizing faces, eyes and mouth) (make sure that u are not using debug player)